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College Sweethearts, Jeff Owens, and Valerie Angelo, started their journey with wine while attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

An introduction to the field of study was made by Jeff’s college roommates. Upon taking his first course, Jeff caught “the wine bug” and transitioned to pursue a path entrenched in passion and exploration. Together, Jeff and Val, educated themselves over the next four years. Weekends were spent traveling to nearby wine regions, learning the nuances of each vintage while developing their palates. As Valerie studied Journalism, Jeff became a member of the first Wine and Viticulture graduating class. Upon graduation, Jeff and Val set their sights on the Napa Valley with a vision to create a legacy. The catalyst: Cabernet Sauvignon.

While Jeff honed his craft, Val dove into the world of sales with the intention to one day partner with and build upon their dream. Married in 2007, Jeff and Val embarked on a new adventure, uniting Angelo and Owens, two families that embodied tradition, tenacity, and strength. In 2011, Jeff and Val expanded their family and welcomed their son, Rylan Jeffrey Owens. In 2013, Declan Daniel Owens was born. Cementing their love, the next generation came into the fold.

In the fall of 2021, Jeff and Val founded Angelo Owens Wines. After 20 years of hard work, sacrifice, and study, Jeff and Val’s journey finally took flight. Rooted in love, the core of the Angelo Owens name lies with the family. Built out of passion and perseverance, the brand speaks to the integrity and character of its namesake. With an emphasis on quality, Jeff’s prowess shines through each vintage. Showcasing his love for winemaking, Angelo Owens Wines are terroir driven and crafted to perfection.

“Our brand has been a goal of ours since college. To see it come to fruition is a dream come true. This journey is a reminder to never lose sight of your dreams. No matter how long they take, or the sacrifices you must make, hold fast to the things that make you come alive,” expressed Proprietor, Valerie Owens.

Valerie Owens

Valerie Owens


With a major in Journalism and a minor in Law, Valerie entered the world of sales upon graduation from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. With a goal to enhance communication, understand the sales cycle, and develop marketing strategies and techniques, Valerie began to prepare for the brand she and Jeff had envisioned in their small college apartment.

Moving from one sales position to another, Valerie dabbled in corporate sales prior to joining the wine industry. During her tenure, Valerie was educated in private client sales, wine club management and regional sales before the journey of a lifetime, Motherhood.

While raising her sons, Valerie continued to plan, prepare and study for, “The Dream.” Though Angelo Owens Wines was always the goal, Valerie dove back into writing while home with her sons, and freelanced for Napa Valley Life Magazine, and the Napa Valley Register to keep up with her passion for the written word and develop relationships throughout the valley.

Today, Valerie is stepping into the role she and Jeff designed 20 years ago. Utilizing her experience and fortitude, Valerie will sit at the helm of Angelo Owens Wines and work side by side with her best friend, and husband, Jeff Owens to produce terroir-driven wines composed of artistry and sophistication.

Jeff Owens

Jeff Owens


Jeff became the first winemaker in history to receive a 100 point score on his inaugural vintage as winemaker for Odette Estate in the Stags Leap District. He has continued to build upon this legacy, following up with 98-100 point scores in every vintage over the last decade.

Jeff’s tenure started in the cellar with the PlumpJack Group under the tutelage of renowned Winemaker and mentor, Tony Biagi. He quickly worked his way up to become Assistant Winemaker for both PlumpJack Estate and Cade Estate, and in 2012, was named the founding Head Winemaker for Odette Estate.

With almost 20 years of experience, Jeff’s name has become synonymous with passion, quality and dedication to his craft. Today, Jeff’s vision is to share this passion and help others craft the best possible wines “from the ground up.”

During his winemaking career, Jeff has valued his close relationships as he’s implemented and executed winemaking programs, protocols, aided in vineyard development, and winery design, focused on hiring the region’s best talent, and continued crafting some of the world’s finest wines.

Today, Jeff is not only the Winemaker for Angelo Owens Wines, but he is also a Consulting Winemaker under Jeff Owens Wine Consulting. Dedicated to helping businesses in the wine industry thrive, Jeff is passionate about his client’s success and works diligently to provide the guidance and support they need to achieve their objectives and goals. Check out Jeff Owens Wine Consulting at: https://jeffowenswineconsulting.com/

Two boys sitting on the back of a pickup truck

Our Future

Angelo Owens Wines is family owned and operated. Founded by Jeff and Valerie Owens, the brand embodies family, love, and a passion for wine and viticulture. Joined by their two sons, Rylan and Declan Owens, Jeff and Val celebrate the future generation through cultivation and education. With a “Ground Up” mentality, the Owens mindset will pave the way for more adventures under the Angelo Owens brand.


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